Tools I use

These are some of the tools I use and like, and some notes on how I configure them.

First, my dotfiles contain a ton of configuration and automatically synchronize most of my terminal and macOS preferences. It also includes the apps I install on macOS and Linux.


I’ve been using vim since college, and I’m pretty dependent on it. It’s my go-to for quick changes.

My current graphical editor of choice is Visual Studio Code with vim emulation (make sure to set up the CLI tool).

Desktop Apps

iOS Apps

  • Apple Photos - my current choice for photo organization
  • Tempest - local weather
  • Gaia GPS - GPS and route planning
  • GPX to Photos - self-made tool for geotagging photos
  • Parcel - delivery tracking
  • Prompt - iOS ssh/terminal emulator
  • Scorekeeper XL - nice app for keeping score when playing games with friends
  • Slopes - ski tracking, probably one of the best iOS apps out there
  • Transmit - file transfers (not available anymore, unfortunately)