Tools I use

These are some of the tools I use and like, and some notes on how I configure them.

First, my dotfiles contain a ton of configuration and automatically synchronize most of my terminal and macOS preferences. It also includes the apps I install on macOS and Linux.


I’ve been using vim since college, and I’m pretty dependent on it. It’s my go-to for quick changes.

My current graphical editor of choice is Visual Studio Code with vim emulation (make sure to set up the CLI tool). I’m also exploring using Nova from Panic, but don’t see it becoming my primary editor without vim keybindings.

Desktop Apps

iOS Apps

  • Apple Photos - my current choice for photo organization
  • Dark Sky - weather
  • Gaia GPS - the best GPS app on iOS
  • GPX to Photos - self-made tool for geotagging photos
  • Jakdojade - transit app for Kraków
  • Mobile Passport - get back into the US so fast it feels like you’re cheating
  • Parcel - delivery tracking
  • Peloton - the at-home workouts are quite great
  • Prompt - iOS ssh/terminal emulator
  • Scorekeeper XL - nice app for keeping score when playing games with friends
  • Slopes - ski tracking, probably one of the best iOS apps out there
  • Transmit - file transfers (not available anymore, unfortunately)