This site’s tech stack throughout the years.

  • Sep 2010

    Registered with GoDaddy and set up a homemade PHP website.

  • Feb 2012

    Transferred my domain name to Namecheap. At some point, I switched to the Stacey CMS with a custom theme. I chose Stacey because it’s very lightweight and PHP was the language I was primarily using at the time. Hosted on Dreamhost with Apache.

  • June 2014

    Jekyll static site with a custom theme. I chose Jekyll because it’s pretty universal and produces a static site. Around this time I also switched to DigitalOcean for hosting and an nginx web server.

  • March 2020

    Hugo static site with a custom theme. I chose Hugo since it’s the top starred static site generator on StaticGen that doesn’t rely on client-side rendering. It has a good mix of power and simplicity and ships as a standalone binary (no ruby installation to deal with). I still use Digital Ocean and nginx, but now host several other sites and tools. I’m using docker and docker-compose to provision and isolate each app.

    For newer apps, I generally use docker from the start. Some have images published to GitHub packages, some don’t. For older projects I’m not really planning to revisit or have archived, I reverse-engineered Dockerfiles and stored them in my host-configuration repo.