GPX to Photos
An iOS / iPadOS application to geotag my photos based on a workout or gpx recording. more information
Default Browser
Simple menubar app for better default browser behavior on macOS.
Go template validation
A web tool to visually validate Go text and HTML templates.
Nova Extensions
My extensions for Panic’s new editor, Nova. I’ve also written some sharable utilities for developing extensions.
Realtime Regexp Filter, a small utility for realtime filtering of text streams in your terminal using regular expressions.
Release Commenter GitHub action
A GitHub Action that automatically comments on and/or labels Issues and PRs when a fix is released for them.
HSLuv Sass
A pure Sass implementation of the HSLuv color space.

Some less useful side projects

Wedding Website
circa 2019. A website I built for my wedding. There’s some fancy nginx config behind the scenes to support a few domain names:,, and I built a custom photobooth on a Raspberry Pi that automatically printed photo strips for our guests and put them on the site. I also built a custom email distribution and tracking system to send RSVP and reminder emails, which I might open source in the future. website source photobooth source
circa 2018. Unfinished drum sheet music builder.
Guess Who‽
circa 2016. Guess Who? with your Facebook friends. Broken due to increased privacy restrictions in Facebook’s APIs (previously used some hacky workarounds). source
circa 2014–2016. Almost-popular Go HTTP session authentication package.
Tap & Seek
circa 2015. iOS app for identifying a location through the camera. Read about the math. source

And even more

You can see more projects on my GitHub profile.