Live Share

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Live Share is an app that allows you to export, edit, and create Live Photos.

Edit: I’ve since abandoned this, but you can view the code on GitHub.


Share your Live Photos as GIFs or quicktime movies quickly and easily. Send motion to friends using other platforms.

Tweak your Live Photos by trimming the video or changing the picture. Fix those shots you missed by half a second.

Create Live Photos from videos or GIFs. Create custom slow motion live wallpapers or use your favorite meme on your lock screen. Create and share, even from older iPhones such as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5C.


This app is under active development, and may contain a few bugs. Tweet @apexskier with any issues.

You can try deleting data from the app if things are behaving badly. Just tap the info icon in the upper right and tap the “Wipe Generated Data” button.

Privacy Policy

Live Share does not store any of your photos or videos outside of your device and claims no ownership or liability for them. Your media will not be shared with anyone. You use the app at your own risk; by using it you imply consent to the information on this page even if it changes. Some anonymous information is automatically collected by the developers and Apple for analytics and to improve the quality of the app, but it will never be shared with a third party. You can contact the developer at anytime via social media described on this website.