Christmas Movies 2023

My wife and I (and her parents) tend to watch a lot of Christmas movies this time of year. Here are my rankings of those we got to this year:

- The Claus Family

Especially considering the two sequels, not very good. Pretty unconvincing and to-be-expected storylines, both about Santa Claus and saving the biscuit factory. The humor wasn’t great either, but this was probably made worse by watching a dub.


- Family Switch

Family Freaky Friday, but not as good. Tenuous connection to Christmas. Lots of writing that had the appearance of jokes.


- Love Hard

Pretty good Christmas romantic comedy. The writing and acting were quite good in general, and the characters had more dimension than most rom-coms, especially Josh.


- Holiday in the Vineyards

Pretty standard Hallmark-style Christmas romantic comedy, meaning not much comedy and a stretched connection to Christmas (who has a real estate deadline on Christmas Eve?). The son of a fancy wine company has to sneak around a small town to get inside info on buying the vineyard. Falls in love with a sexy local wine lady, and has to reveal his lies. Some gratuitous shirtless abs, and way too public sexy dancing.


- Christmas with You

A slight deviation from the standard format, an aging pop star surprises a fan for the holidays, falls in love with the dad, and writes a hit Christmas song with him. Not terrible, but not one I need to watch again.


- Candy Cane Lane

This one was a wild ride. A neighborhood’s Christmas decoration contest escalates dramatically. This one was laugh-out-loud funny and I found the animation for the figurines quite effective.