Boston Cream Donuts

Recipe from NYT Cooking

A great Sunday treat. The dough came together pretty quick and easy and is a short rise. This pastry cream recipe is pretty foolproof due to the high amount of flour/starch—I didn’t have any issues with thickening. Filling the donuts without a real piping tip is a pain, but the creme/donut/chocolate combo is worth it.

Next time I make these, I’ll probably find a different chocolate glaze recipe. I had a few issues with this one - sifting powdered sugar and cocoa powder is really messy, but without sifting it’s hard to avoid clumps. I also am not generally a fan of powdered sugar based frostings, since the lack of heating leaves the sugar grains intact, and I can feel the grittiness.

A final note—the recipe says it’ll yield about a dozen, but I got 22 out of it using the recommended size.