GPX to Photos
An iOS / iPadOS application to geotag photos I take with my standalone camera based on a workout or gpx recording. more information
Default Browser
Simple menubar app for better default browser behavior on macOS.
Go template validation
A web tool tool to visually validate go text and html templates.

Some less useful side projects

circa 2014. Realtime multiplayer 3D world. source
Tap & Seek
circa 2015. iOS app for identifying a location through the camera. Read about the math. source
circa 2015. Tiny multiplayer web-based connect4 app built for a job interview. source
Guess Who‽
circa 2016. Guess Who? with your facebook friends. Doesn’t work anymore due to increased privacy restrictions in Facebook’s APIs (it was previously using some hacky workarounds). source
circa 2018. Unfinished drum sheet music builder.

And even more

You can see more dead projects on my GitHub profile.